Letter from student and Elite Special Operations Recon Marine David Cole

Elite Special Operations Recon Marine David Cole a student of Master Johnson's is heading back for his third tour of duty in Iraq, sends a great email. The entire International Seieido Federation salutes his bravery and service to our country and we are

Mar 17, 2006

Dear Master Johnson,
   When looking back at when you trained with me out of your home. I have never forgottent the time and effort you put in and it really ment allot to me. I wanted to write to you and tell you how I was doing. I am doing well and still practice martial arts whenever I can. I am going on eight years in the marines. After two years in the infantry I took the recon indoct and passed. I have been a Recon operator for a little over five years now. Recon marines are the elite special operations force for the marines similar to the Army's SF of Navy Seals. I have done two tours in Iraq and am getting ready for a third deployment to Iraq in the next few months.  Right now I am stationed in Okinawa Japan with 3rd Recon Bn. Since I have been hear I have been studying Okinawa Kenpo, and Ju-jitsu. But I have never forgotten what you taught me, and I have used the standard that you trained me with as the basis for all my martial arts training. I have also studied kung fu and kick boxing since I joined the marines. I am also and instructor in the Marine Corps martial arts program. I think that your web sight is really cool by the way, and please tell Mr. Bishop that I said hello. If you would like to send me an e-mail, it would be great to hear from you. I have also included a couple of pics and a short video clip of some of the stuff I have been doing in the marine corps. Some are from Iraq and some are from a few dives that we did. Thank you for all the time and effort you gave to me and for the wonderfull knowlege that you shared.
Mr. David Cole


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