2010 Elite Black Belt Camp

Master Johnson announces the World's FIRST Elite Level Black Belt Training Camp. For more info go to

Aug 05, 2010

The International Seieido (say-ay-do) Federation announces the world’s FIRST “Elite Level” Black Belt training camp to be held in beautiful California September 22-26, 2010.

This camp will teach realistic, effective, street wise self defense
consisting of close quarter combat (CQC), joint locks, throws, grappling,
weapons disarms, and multiple opponent defense.

There has NEVER been a camp like this! Everything about this camp is ELITE, from limousine transportation to and from the camp, to 3 catered meals a day, ON-SITE accommodations (NO hotel expense!), COMPLETE “Elite Defense System” Instruction, and fantastic international networking opportunities.

Every attendee who successfully completes the camp and passes our stringent testing process will be presented an official Black Belt certification in the art of Sei Ei Do and an official Elite Defense uniform and patch (custom
embroidered belts are available for an additional charge).

Black Belt attendees (recommended for 3rd Degree Black Belts or higher)
will be able to master and achieve Black Belt status in the Elite Self
Defense System of Seieido in this intense 4-Day camp, attendees will also be
provided with the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most renowned Master instructors.

A group photo will be taken at one of the world’s most famous destinations,
Yosemite National Park. Country and state directors will be selected, and
the camp will conclude with an “all-you-can-eat” ribs celebration dinner.

This is guaranteed to be the GREATEST camp you will ever attend. You will return to your schools with an “Elite Level” self-defense program. You can teach and rank your students in Seieido if you wish, or simply incorporate Seieido into your system. This is not a franchise so there will be no fees required. This will simply help you increase your student base which will also help generate additional income for your school, and you could become your state’s Seieido Director.

Make friendships that will last a lifetime!

There are ONLY 30 Spaces available so you MUST NOT hesitate.
For more information visit
Submit your “Ccontact Request” NOW at

Submitting your “Contact Request” is FREE and it is recommended that you be certified as a 3rd Degree Black Belt or higher. “Soke” Dave Johnson, who has spent the last 51 years studying the arts and perfecting the art of Sei Ei Do, will contact you by phone after he has received your registration to see if you are prepared for this level of training, and to answer any questions you may have. You may also call Soke Johnson at 559-917-5262, if you have any questions before registering.

REMEMBER, there are only 30 spaces available.
DON’T HESTITATE! Be part of this historical event!
Complete your “Contact Request” at NOW!!!

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