Tactical Training International

Tactical Training International is a subsidiary of the International Seieido Federation . It is recognized by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as a Full-Service and Licensed Security Training Facility. License numbers are TFB 1091 & TFF 1150.

TTI offers State Recognized Certification in

  • Guard Card ,
  • Exposed Firearm,
  • Concealed Weapon,
  • Baton,
  • and Chemical Weapons.

Its primary purpose is to provide on-going Real World Up-to-Date training for Security, Law Enforcement, and Executive Protection personnel.

Staff members have decades of in-field experience and all Course topics include Impact Weapons, Weaponless Defense, Firearms, Executive Protection, and Anti-Terrorism education . Seven different types of impact weapons can be taught within the Impact Weapons course.

Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, and Carbines may be taught within the Firearms training course. Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Weapon Disarms and Retention Skills, Joint Locks, Take Downs, Throws, and Ground Fighting skills are available within the Weaponless Defense course.

Executive Protection and Anti-Terrorism training is provided on a need basis and career minded EP individuals are referred to Executive Security International for professional certification. Courses can be specifically tailored to the individual or agency's needs and seminars are available upon request.

Tactical Training International


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